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Key Services
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  • Cargo Loss and Damage Inspection Reports

  • Salt/Seawater Contamination Testing

  • Packaging Evaluations

  • Commodity Classifications

  • Technical Investigations

  • Preshipment Inspections
MTI's principal business is performing inspections of cargo which has allegedly been damaged or pilfered while in transit by common or contract carriers and forwarders. Inspections include the basic written reports made in the field jointly with the consignee or claimant. The inspection reports will be supported by as many color photographs as necessary. If opinions and suggestions are in order, they will be provided in a separate supplemental report.

Fees for standard inspection reports average about $57.50. For first time customers, mandatory pre-payment by either Visa or MasterCard is required. Standard reports are those which can be completed within two to three working days from the date of assignment, during normal business hours, Monday through Friday (excluding legal holidays) without specific appointments and within metropolitan areas regularly served by MTI. No additional fees will be charged by MTI without the prior consent of the customer.

MTI can provide references should laboratory testing of food grade shipments be required. References are also available should shipments, which have allegedly been damaged by freezing or subjected to a freeze-thaw cycle, be needed. MTI also offers laboratory testing of imported shipments which show evidence of water damage to determine if the wetting was caused by fresh (rain) or salt (sea) water.

MTI also offers evaluations of packaging and packing methods, determinations of proper classification of freight and technical investigations of all kinds. MTI also offers pre-shipment inspections prior to tender to assess their condition and the adequacy and conformance of packaging to be certain that the freight is suitable for transportation.

Please feel free to contact us at (800) 692-0074, by fax at (866) 329-6841 or by e-mail for more information about MTI Inspection Services.