Serving the Transportation Industry Since 1959
Many people often ask, what does MTI stand for, what is our company history and what do we do? The first part of the question is easy to answer. MTI is an acronym for Midwest Transportation Inspections, which was the official name of the company up until the 1970's. However, due to the fact that MTI was serving more than just the Midwest by 1975, it was decided to rename the company MTI Inspection Services.

Our history is one of stability. MTI is a privately-held corporation based in Nevada and has enjoyed 65 consecutively profitable years in business. MTI also enjoys Dun & Bradstreet's best credit rating of 3A1 for small businesses. Our financial information is available from Dun & Bradstreet upon request by calling us at 800/692-0074.

MTI has been a member of the Safety & Loss Prevention Management Council of the American Trucking Association and its predecessor organizations since 1959. MTI is also a member of the Air Transport Association of America, the Loss Prevention Council, the Air & Expedited Motor Carriers Association, and many other trade councils and associations.

The last part of the question is much more detailed and is why this website exists. MTI was founded in 1959 on the principle of providing fair, accurate and timely reporting of cargo damage to LTL carriers, truckload carriers, airlines, railroads and steamship companies throughout the Midwest. Since then, MTI has grown steadily to become the largest cargo claim inspection agency in North America, serving virtually every carrier, airline and freight forwarder from offices in every major metropolitan area in all 50 states and Canada.

At heart, MTI is an organization of professional claim investigators who are dedicated to assisting transportation companies and the shipping public in reducing their cargo claim costs.

Our specialization and experience enables us to produce damaged freight inspection reports which are unsurpassed for accuracy, thoroughness and value. For 65 years our staff of professional claim investigators has provided a truly complete range of services to reduce the cargo claim costs of our many client carriers, forwarders and shipping associations.

No contracts are required. Our standard fees average around $57.50 with charges for special services, lengthy or involved inspections being quoted in advance. Our monthly invoices fully identify all work which has been performed. Terms of payment are net, 25 days. Most assignments are concluded within two working days with emergency service available.

We trust that our industry-wide reputation for diligently protecting the interests of our clients will cause you to call upon MTI whenever or wherever the need for our assistance may arise. Please take a moment to browse through the following pages and see if any of the many services which the MTI Companies offer can fill any of your business needs.